Chemigraphs 2014
Series of photographically influenced chemigrams.
positive and negative cyanotype slides on glass 13x18 cm

Halle Ost 2014
Groups of houses in the rarely inhabited district "Halle Ost" of the former East German industrial metropolis.
positive cyanotype photographs on canvas about 20x29 cm

3 Month In A Birds House 2013
Projection of a glance from a window in Halle-Ost.
directly exposed canvas negatives with a total of approximately 485 x 230vcm

Montefiorino 2012
Portrait of a medieval-looking village in the northern Apennines.
directly exposed paper cyanotype negatives about 15x20cm

Photograph Trophy 2011 - 2012
Light sensitive coated T-shirts are exposed in an extra large format camera.
The results are not reproducible Photo T-Shirts from a place with at least a three day stay.

all Lorenz Ebersbach 2010 - 2014