EmotiCam 2013
EmotiCams are pulse-controlled, body-worn wireless video cameras created for the multi-media performance "EmotiCam", which premiered at the Cynetart 2013 in Dreden.
concept and implementation: Lorenz Ebersbach, performance: Johanna Roggan/ the guts company,
set & costume: Josephine Enders, music: Daniel Williams
technical support: Matthias Härtig; supportet by Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau
photos performance: Stephan Beier, trailer: Josephine Enders

One Day Of My Life 2013
The body-worn camera documents everyday life following emotions and activities of the wearer.
In the resulting stop-motion videos information content is condensed in exciting moments.
Installation with the camera and the 800 prints of photos of one day

Halle - Venice | Sinking Cities 2011
Series of photo montages of street scenes in Venice and Halle-Ost.
inkjet prints 30 x 40 cm

Wir Waren Da 2010
3 channel video installation showing loops of tourists in Venice.
Digital picture frames & a small drawers cabinet.

all © Lorenz Ebersbach 2010 - 2014